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OP-ED: Why California needs the young if it’s to thrive

February 25, 2014

In a new LA Times op-ed essay, Dowell Myers explains how the future of California’s economy and the well-being of its taxpayers rests on cultivating a younger generation that is undersized.

  > Los Angeles Times op-ed

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Dynamic Visualization of US Population Projections

by Graphicacy for the Center for American Progress

  > http://ampr.gs/ourfuturetogether

Immigrant Workforce Contributions report

The Contributions of Immigrants and Their Children to the American Workforce and Jobs of the Future

by Dowell Myers, Stephen Levy and John Pitkin, June 2013
sponsored by the Center for American Progress
  > Report (pdf)

Immigrant Contributions to Housing Demand report

Immigrant Contributions to Housing Demand

by Dowell Myers and John Pitkin, March 2013
sponsored by the Research Institute for Housing America
  > Report (pdf)

California's Diminishing Children report

California's Diminishing Resource: Children

by Dowell Myers, January 2013
sponsored by the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health   > Report (pdf)

California Boom article

California Futures:
New Narratives for a Changing Society

by Dowell Myers, July 2012
  > Boom: A Journal of California (pdf)

California Roller Coaster

California Roller Coaster:
Income and Housing in Boom and Bust, 1990-2010

by Dowell Myers, Ray Calnan, Anna Jacobsen, and Josh Wheeler
July 2012, sponsored by the Haynes Foundation   > Report (pdf)

New York Times op-ed

The Next Immigration Challenge

by Dowell Myers, January 11, 2012
  > New York Times op-ed

Sacramento Bee op-ed

Housing Market Links Older Whites, Young Latinos

by Dowell Myers, July 31, 2011
 > Sacramento Bee op-ed (pdf)

New Maturity of LA

Immigrants and the New Maturity of Los Angeles

by Dowell Myers, Janna Goldberg, Sarah Mawhorter, and Seong Hee Min, 2010, in State of the City, Ali Modarres, ed., Pat Brown Institute  > State of the City chapter (pdf)