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When the Best Available Home is the One You Already Have
by Emily Badger, The New York Times, May 27, 2022
Derived in part from the article below on Housing Shortages and the declining mobility rate as vacancies become constricted
> New York Times   > Journal Article Abstract   > Twitter

Rebuilding Common Purpose for the 21st Century with New Civic Infrastructure
by Dowell Myers and Karen Trapenberg Frick, May 6, 2022
> Journal of Comparative Urban Law and Policy

Hispanic Homeownership Advancement through Recession and Boom
Explains how to use the 5-year ACS files to trace growth of homeownership by cohorts during the Great Recession, then turning upward in the recovery years after 2014. Compares US, LA county, and a gentrifying district
by Dowell Myers and David Flores-Moctezuma, November 3, 2021 > Cityscape (pdf)

The Truth About White America
Explains the twists and turns in racial trends derived from changes in the 2020 census
by Morris Levy, Richard Alba, and Dowell Myers, October 25, 2021
> The Atlantic IDEAS

Housing Shortages and the New Downturn of Residential Mobility in the U.S.
by Dowell Myers, JungHo Park, and Seongmoon Cho, June 2021
> Housing Studies Journal Article
> Public Release Supplement (pdf)   > Twitter Thread

End of Housing and Economic Recovery from the Great Recession: How Good Did It Get by 2019?
by Dowell Myers and JungHo Park, October 2020 > Report (pdf)

Filtering of Apartment Housing between 1980 and 2018
by Dowell Myers and JungHo Park, April 2020, Supported by National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) Research Foundation   > Report (pdf)   > NMHC website

Cohort Insights into Recovery of Millennial Homeownership after the Great Recession
by Dowell Myers, Hyojung Lee, and Patrick Simmons, January 2019, Journal of Housing Economics > J of H Econ